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Mardel Clout Fish Medication - 100 Tablet

Mardel Clout Fish Medication - 100 Tablet

$26.20 CDN

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Clout is a tablet fish medication specially formulated for fresh and saltwater aquariums.

Helps treat visible parasites and parasitic disease conditions such as: gasping for air, rapid breathing, flicking, listless behavior, and excess mucus production. Provides effective medication for a wide variety of parasitic and protozoan infestations, including: Ich, Hydra, Leeches, Planaria, Epistylis, Trichodina, Hexamita, Tetrahymena, Body fungus, Digenetic flukes, Parasitic copepods, Monogenetic flukes, Learnia (anchor worms) and Argulus (fish lice).

Clout will not damage plants or algae, will not affect pH and is safe for biological systems. Do not use Clout for with scaleless fish, in aquariums with ornamental invertebrates, or in marine systems with live rock.

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