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Aqua Medic Fish Trap

Aqua Medic Fish Trap

$54.95 CDN

Inventory Status: Instock


The Aqua Medic Fish Trap is ideal for trapping a single fish from an aquarium with extensive decoration, or when minimizing removal-stress is a primary concern.

It can be very difficult to extract a particular fish from a reef system with live rock or an African cichlid system with rocky aqua-scaping, where dismantling the structure is not a reasonable option. The Fish Trap is baited with food and as soon as the desired fish enters the trap, simply release the door string to instantly trap it. The heavy glass door closes quickly to contain the fish.

The fish can be extracted directly from the aquarium within the Fish Trap, as only half the water drains from the container, for a truly stress-free exit.

Dimensions: 11"L x 6.75"W x 6.75"H

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