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Digital Aquatics Reefkeeper Lite Aquarium Controller (L3)

Digital Aquatics Reefkeeper Lite Aquarium Controller (L3)

$369.95 CDN

Inventory Status: Backordered


The new ReefKeeper Lite is a big change to business as usual! It's small, expandable and perfect for nano tanks, beginners, and people looking for a mid level controller!

The ReefKeeper Lite (Level 3) has a 5 (mechanical) button interface and a larger 16 x 2 LCD display for easy readability. While some of the advanced modules and features of the RKE (Reef Keeper Elite) are not available for the RKL, it will have more than enough power to monitor and control single tank systems, as well as small to mid sized tanks alike!

The RKL is the only controller in it's price range that offers four outlets and temperature control while still providing the customer an upgrade path as their system or needs grow!

With up to four modules, this new controller is perfect for streamlining your tank without breaking the bank!


  • Night Mode: Night mode can be configured independent of your light configuration so that moonlights and pumps can be adjusted in the evening times.
  • Wavemaker: There are 2 wavemaker cycles in the ReefKeeper Lite, cycles A and b. When a channel is designated as a pump you can select a wavemaker cycle A or B. The two alternate opposite each other to simulate wave motion. Under the wavemaker setup you choose how long you want each cycle time to be by dialing an A/B cycle time. During night mode the cycle can be turned off to give a calming affect.
  • Standby/Feed Mode: Just as in all Digital Aquatics controllers, the RKL has a Standby mode that can be programmed from 1 to 59 minutes. When in "Standby" ReefKeeper Lite turns off the powerheads and sump and skimmer pumps that are programmed to be off during standby mode for the set time or until "Standby" is backed out of.
    Standby/Feed mode helps reduce the bio load on the tank by maximizing the food eaten by fish and corrals and minimizing waste. Food will not get whisked away into the sump filter and to dead spots in your tank. Standby mode is also useful when it is time to perform maintenance on your tank and you need all the water pumps to be temporarily turned off.
  • Expandability: The RKL can interface with up to 4 modules in almost any configuration you'd like. (Limited to PC4s, SL1s and MLCs)
  • Data Reporting: The RKL can report the min, max and average over the last 1 hour for all inputs and outputs!
  • Improved 5 Button Interface: The RKL has a 5 button interface; a big improvement over traditional 3 button interfaces that are currently used for entry level controllers!
  • 16 Dedicated Alarms: Get informed! Set alarms to alert you of almost any event in your system that you need to know about
  • Even more features can be found at the Digital Aquatics website
  • The RKL (Level 3) Includes: 1 - Head Unit, 2 - PC4 (8 outlets total), 1 - SL1 (Inputs: pH, ORP, temperature, 2 x switch ports), 1 - Temperature Probe, 1 - Digital Aquatics pH probe, SID (System Interface Driver), Programming Coupler
  • Display: 16 x 2 alpha-numeric
  • Backlight Colors: 1
  • Max Expansion: 4 modules
  • Dedicated Timers and Alarms: 16
  • Interface: 5 button (non CapSense)
  • Battery Backup: Yes
  • Data Logging: Min, Max, Average
  • Dimenions (Head Unit Only): 3.9"L x 2.8"W x 0.6"H

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