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Reef Crest Bulk Magnesium Chloride (1250 Gram)

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Economical pharmaceutical grade magnesium additive for reef aquariums.

The grade of chemical you need, at a budget friendly price!

Magnesium chloride is used to maintain reef aquarium magnesium levels.

A proper magnesium level is instrumental in achieving a stable calcium & alkalinity level. It is best used in combination with magnesium sulfate.

Magnesium prevents the abiotic precipitation of calcium, and is essential to maintaining calcium and alkalinity levels. Helps protects pumps & heaters from calcium deposits!

Bromide, ammonia & phosphate free!

Mixing & Dosing Instructions:

This product should be dissolved in freshwater before being added to your aquarium. Slowly add the solution to a high flow area of your system. Example dose: 7.5tsp (31.5 grams will raise 10 gallons of water by 100 ppm.

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