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API Filstar Bio-Chem Stars - 20 Pack

$ 22.15
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Replacement filter media for your API Filstar canister filter.

  • Grows massive colonies of beneficial bacteria
  • Provides more growing area than plastic balls, foams or under gravel filters
  • Advanced polymer material has optimal pore size for maximum oxygen and water transfer
  • 20 stars support up to a 100 U.S. gallon (379 L) aquarium
Bio-Chem Stars are a biological filtration medium that provides a substrate for the optimal growth of beneficial bacteria. Their internal pore structure is formed under a patented process that creates a 50-70 micron internal pore network. This pore size is optimal for the growth of beneficial bacteria, including nitrifying bacteria that remove toxic ammonia and nitrite. It also allows the best oxygen and water transfer through the star, which keeps bacterial colonies healthy and active. Because of this complete internal colonization, Bio-Chem Stars are the most efficient biological filter medium available for use in FilStar Canister Power Filters.

1. Remove Bio-Chem Stars from plastic bag and rinse thoroughly to remove any dust.
2. Place Bio-Chem Stars in the last (top) compartment in the FilStar filter.
3. Bio-Chem Stars will become colonized by bacteria within several weeks. Using STRESS ZYME will help in the development of the biological filter.