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Aqua FX Dolphin 3 Stage Reverse Osmosis Filter - 100 GPD

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Source water filter with reverse osmosis technology & auto shut-off.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) units are used in fresh water aquariums; including Discus, Angelfish and plant only tanks. RO units removes most hard water minerals, leaving water that is easily pH adjustable using little to no chemical. Phosphates, Silicates and Nitrates are significantly reduced and removed; stopping and preventing algae blooms. Aquariums that use RO water as the only water source do visibly better and have healthier inhabitants. 90 to 98% reduction in Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

The Dolphin is a 3-stage reverse osmosis unit. The standard unit comes with 1-micron sediment filtration, a carbon block for VOC reduction and a High Silicate Rejection TFC membrane. The Dolphin is available in 50, 100, 200 and now 300 GPD flow rates (call for pricing on models not listed).

  • Includes 100 GPD TFC Membrane.
  • 2-micron chlorine guzzler carbon block pre-filter or our exclusive chlorine and chloramine-removal filters
  • 1 Micron Pre-Filter.
  • 160PSI Pressure Gauge
  • ASO - Automatic Shut Off Solenoid plumbed in and ready for use (Float valve not included)
  • Solid Aluminum "No Rust" mounting bracket
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Use On Any Water System.
  • All units include see through clear canisters and filter wrench