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Aquatic Life RO Buddie 3 Stage - 100 GPD

$ 139.95
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A very compact and affordable solution to water filtration with a 100GPD capacity.

The AQUATICLIFE RO Buddie is a three-stage RO/DI unit designed for residential use to reduce the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in tap water. Each RO Buddie includes a Sediment, Carbon and cartridge.

Useful applications include smaller aquariums, fountains, humidifiers and more. With incoming water pressure at 65 PSI and water temperature at 77F, the RO Buddie will produce up to 100 gallons in a 24-hour period, or a little over four gallons per hour.

The included tubing and fittings make setup quick and easy


  • AFFORDABLE RO WATER - Produce up to 100 gallons of reverse osmosis water every 24 hours at an affordable price with the RO Buddie. The RO Membrane will remove up to 98% of the TDS in the water.
  • SEDIMENT REMOVAL - The 5-micron sediment filter traps particulate matter like dirt, silt, and rust that will affect the taste and appearance of the water.
  • CARBON FILTRATION - The 5-micron activated carbon reduces chlorine and conditions the water prior to the RO membrane.
  • MEMBRANE FILTRATION - The RO membrane reduces impurities known as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from the water down to 1/10,000 of a micron, reducing arsenic, lead, parasitic cysts, copper and more.
  • SMALL SPACE FRIENDLY - The compact footprint makes this RO unit portable and ideal for small spaces.
  • STANDARD REJECTION RATE - Like larger RO units, the RO Buddie provides a typical rejection rate of 1:3.1 and can become even more efficient at 1:1.5 by adding a Smart Buddie Booster Pump.

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