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Brightwell Extrax Phos Phosphate Remover- 600 Gram

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High capacity phosphate absorbing media minimizes algae and enhances coral growth.

Phosphate adsorption media for all marine and reef aquaria.

  • Advanced adsorbent of phosphate and silicate; provides rapid results.
  • May be used on an on-going basis as part of a sensible nutrient-control program.
  • Spherical shape and porosity maximize reactive surface area; promotes reactivity and efficiency by maximizing contact time and minimizing tendency to pack and channel water, and outperforms competing non-spherical phosphate-adsorbent media.
  • Recommended usage is 2 g of Extrax Phos per 1 US-gallon (3.8 L) in aquarium; 600 grams will adsorb up to 20 mg/L phosphate in 300 US-gallons (1,136 L).
  • Does not release phosphate, silicate, or soluble compounds into aquarium system when exhausted.
  • Safe for use in all freshwater and marine aquaria, including freshwater planted systems and reef systems.
Instructions: Prior to first use, rinse each 600 grams of Extrax Phos in 1/2 US-gallon of purified water, then discard water; note that Extrax Phos material may become hot when first immersed in this water. Use 2 grams of Extrax Phos per 1 US-gallon of water in system and monitor phosphate concentration ("[PO43-]") during usage. Apply Extrax Phos media as required to obtain and then maintain an immeasurable [PO43-]. It is time to replace Extrax Phos once the [PO43-] in the system either ceases to decrease (e.g. when the [PO43-] is >0.05 mg/L and is no longer falling) or begins to increase; this indicates complete media exhaustion. Slight changes in coloration of the media with usage do not necessarily indicate exhaustion and should not be used as a guideline for when to replace the media.

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