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Brightwell MaxAmino Fish Food Supplement - 250ml

Brightwell MaxAmino Fish Food Supplement - 250ml

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Multi-purpose amino acid supplement for fish or reef aquariums.

Brightwell Aquatics

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Product Description


    Free-form amino complex in idea ratios to enhance the nutritional value of fish foods for all marine and freshwater fishes.

    • Unique complex of 20 free-form amino acids in thesame ratios found within tissues of fishes.
    • Beneficial to all marine, brackish, and freshwater fish species.
    • Free-form amino acids:
      • Encourage vibrant coloration.
      • Provide the building blocks of protein in ideal ratios to encourage the formation of new tissue, speeding up growth rates.
      • Encourage new tissue growth to aid in recovery from wounds incurred during aggressive encounters with tankmates or during spawning periods.
      Increases the protein concentration of fish foods. Acts as an attractant to encourage finicky fishes to begin eating new foods. Formulated based upon data compiled by ichthyologists researching tissue profiles of various fishes. Does not require refrigeration. Formulated by a marine scientist.
    Instructions: Shake product well before using. Measure the desired amount of food out and place it into a clean container, such as a small cup or bowl; rinse frozen foods under a stream of (preferably purified) water until they have thawed and any solution in which they were frozen is washed away, then place food into container. Add MaxAmino drop-by-drop to the container, saturating the food, but do not add so much of the liquid that extra remains; in other words, do not add a capful of the product to a pinch of food and then add the entirety of this to the aquarium. Allow 2 - 5 minutes for MaxAmino to soak into food, then add food to aquarium in an area of moderate water flow away from pump intakes or overflows, or as desired; this is effectively accomplished by scooping the saturated food out of the container with a small spoon and placing it in the desired location inside the aquarium.
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