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Current USA Loop Controller Hinge Mount

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Use with the Current Loop controller to neatly organize your controller and it's cables.

Look like a PRO and keep your LOOP control system clean and polished with the LOOP Hinge Mount kit.

Easy Access

Easy to install, each Hinge Mount System fits one LOOP controller and up to two manifold HUBs (not included.) It provides easy access to all cable connections and protects the controller and HUBs from salt spray and water.

The Perfect Angle

Adjustable hinge provides the optimal viewing angle and provides easy access to all cable connections.

Universal Bracket

Mount inside cabinets on stand doors, side walls, even underneath the top. Fits in virtually any aquarium cabinet and allows for both vertical and horizontal mounting positions.


  • Easy to install
  • Protects controller, HUBs and cables
  • Adjustable hinge for the perfect viewing angle
  • Multiple mounting positions
  • Mounts inside virtually any aquarium stand

What's Included

  • Controller & HUB mounting plate with hinge
  • Aluminum mounting bracket
  • Mounting hardware
  • Velcro cable straps
  • Instructions

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