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Aqua FX Moray Water Filter (10 Inch)

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Small unit ideal for pre-filtering RO/DI water or for use with quarantine tanks.

Looking for a pre-filter or a quick way to do a "rush" water filter job? Look no further!

The Aqua FX Moray water filter uses standard 10" filter cartridge chambers that allows you to decide how you would like to use it.

  • Use with DI resins to strip water (similar to the old Tap Water Filter from API)
  • Add a sediment and pre-filter to help remove chlorine and sediment
  • Use where a full RO is not required - such as a quarantine tank.
  • Endless other applications where you don't require a full RO or RODI unit.


  • Aluminum "never rust bracket"
  • Standard 10" filter size makes finding replacement cartridges easy
  • High quality clear canisters
  • Quick connect fittings
  • Hose bib Adapter and canister wrench included.
  • This system will NOT lower TDS or PPM.

Filter cartridges sold separately.

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