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Brightwell Aquatics Hydrat-MG - 500ml

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May be used to attain and maintain a magnesium concentration in excess of 1500 ppm.

Brightwell Aquatics Hydrat-MG - A Solution of Hydrated Magnesium Salts for Use in Reef and Marine Aquaria

In some instances, marine and reef aquarists may find it beneficial to maintain the magnesium concentration in their aquaria within a range of 1,500 - 1,800 ppm for prolonged periods of time. The period of time will vary between systems and is completely dependant upon the magnesium concentration that is maintained, as well as the extent to which maintaining the magnesium at an elevated concentration is associated with obtaining the desired results.

Additionally, evidence suggests that the specific magnesium salts utilized are important to obtaining the desired results. Hydrat-Mg is a concentrated magnesium solution that makes use of these specific, hydrated (not anhydrous) magnesium salts, in proper ionic ratios. Brightwell Aquatics Magnesion and Magnesion-P are composed of anhydrous magnesium salts, which offer greater purity than hydrated salts; Magnesion is also more concentrated than Hydrat-Mg. Regardless, the conditions that would dictate that the magnesium concentration in a reef system be maintained within a range of 1,500 - 1,800 ppm are, in most cases, more rapidly addressed with Hydrat-Mg than with magnesium supplements composed of anhydrous salts. Choosing to maintain an elevated [Mg2+] for an extended period of time assumes that the aquarist understands the impacts and potential risks that doing so can have on a marine aquarium.


  • Safely increases magnesium concentration in all marine and reef aquaria. Utilizes specific magnesium salts to obtain the desired results.
  • May be used to attain and maintain a magnesium concentration in excess of 1,500 ppm as desired by aquarist.
  • Maintaining an elevated magnesium concentration, relative to the average natural seawater concentration, for a prolonged period of time may be of benefit to reef aquaria in certain situations, and should be attempted by experienced aquarists only.
  • 75,000 ppm magnesium


Read all Instructions carefully. Shake container well before using. If using to maintain magnesium concentration within a range encompassing standard seawater concentration, add 5 ml (1 capful) of product per 20 US-gallons of aquarium water every other day or as needed to maintain the magnesium concentration within a range of 1,290 - 1,320 ppm. When used in this fashion, 250ml treats up to 1,000 US-gallons (3,785 L).

Purified water, hydrated chloride and sulfate salts of magnesium, proprietary ingredients

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