Eshopps Nano Filter Sock 3 Pack

$ 36.35
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3 pack of Nano filter socks to aid in mechanical filtration.

Filter sock designed for many applications including Waterbox systems.

With ESHOPPS proven highest quality Filter Socks, now comes our Nano Filter Sock. With the same durability and performance as its predecessors, it is designed specifically to keep your Nano Tanks water crystal clear; trapping organic particles, detritus, and even dust out of your water column which will dramatically improve water quality.

The Nano Filter sock is differentiated by its unique aqua blue rim with pull out handle for ease of maintenance and replacement.


  • Aqua Blue Rim with pull out handle
  • 300 Micron Includes
  • 3 Nano Filter Socks

  • Diameter 2.75 (70mm)
  • Height 10 (260mm)
  • Micron 300

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