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API Filstar Bio-Chem Zorb - 10 oz

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Replacement filter media for your API Filstar canister filter.

  • Removes dissolved organic waste
  • Makes water crystal clear by removing aquarium pollutants that cause discoloration and foul odors
  • Removes toxic heavy metals in fresh water
  • Does not remove trace elements from saltwater aquariums
  • Safe for both salt and freshwater aquariums.
Bio-Chem Zorb is composed of two organic scavenger resins and two ion-exchange resins, combined with a high-porosity activated carbon. Together, they remove synthetic chemicals, naturally occurring organic pollutants and metabolic by-products from aquarium water. Bio-Chem Zorb filters water to a level not achievable with carbon alone.

1. Remove Bio-Chem Zorb filter pouch from plastic bag.
2. DO NOT open Bio-Chem Zorb filter pouch. One 283 g pouch should be used for every 55 U.S. gallons (208 L) of aquarium water.
3. It is important to rinse filter pouch of Bio-Chem Zorb under tap water to remove any dust. The rinse water does not have to run completely clear.
4. Place filter pouch directly in FilStar filtration basket after (above) filter foams.
5. Replace filter pouch every 1 to 3 months, depending on stocking density and water quality.

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