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Reef Nutrition Mysis Feast - 16oz

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Top quality Mysis shrimp in a squeeze bottle - feeding has never been easier.

Reef Nutrition is a new product line of microplankton feeds for Reef Aquarium Systems. Live feeds are rapidly being recognized as critical components to the health and vitality of reef organisms, however live feeds have traditionally been hard to find and very expensive to purchase. Reef Nutrition brings together a complete line of live feeds and microplankton concentrates that will feed ALL the animals in your reef system.

Mysis feast is the extremely popular Piscine Energetics (PE) Mysis Shrimp pre-rinsed for you and ready to serve. No more thawing/rinsing - just squirt directly into your aquarium. It's as easy as feeding pellet/flake food.

All Reef Nutrition products can be shipped with live good orders, or sent via next day UPS only.

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