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IceCap Acclimation Kit

IceCap Acclimation Kit

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The simple pump primer in this acclimation kit helps keep your hands and mouth dry!

Ice Cap

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Product Description


    Reduce stress and shock on senstivie fish and invertebrates.

    The IceCap Aquatic Acclimation Kit is a simple system designed to reduce stress and shock on sensitive fish, corals and other invertebrates by gradually balancing water parameters.


    Before you start - TurnTurn aquarium lights off and dim the lights in the room in which the acclimation process is to take place

    1. Float the bag in sump or aquarium for 15 minutes to equalize the water temperature.
    2. Empty the contents of the bag, including water, into a clean container that can hold 2-3 times the volume. Be sure not to expose sensitive invertebrates to air.
    3. Hang the acclimation kit's curved plastic tube on the side of your aquarium. The sponge filter at the water intake must be fully submerged and in a location where it will not be affected by air bubbles or strong water currents.
    4. Place the end of the hose with the water outlet in the container holding the fish and make sure that it is sercure.
    5. Close the water control valve and press the siphon stater/flow monitor gently unitl water runs in.
    6. Open the water control valve slowly until water drips from your aquarium into the container holding the fish. Set the drip rate so that the water volume will double or triple in 30-60 minutes.
    7. Close the water control valve. Slowly and carefully introduce your new fish to the aquarium.
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