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Aruba Sun T5/LED V-Shaped Fluorescent Retrofit (36 Inch - 2-39W)

$ 214.95
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V shaped T5 fixture with moonlight LED's provides a full lighting solution that's easily installed.

  • Low profile T5 High Output (HO) Fluorescent Retrofit Kit
  • Durable German mirror finish, corrosion resistant, anodized aluminum reflectors rotate 180 degrees and wrap-around T5 tubes boosting light output, directing light toward your aquarium
  • Enclosed high performance, cool operating, efficient T5 electronic ballast improve light output and intensity
  • Wrap around, individual bulb, parabolic T5 reflectors that will increase light output approximately 300% versus bulb alone
  • Moisture-proof lamp holders
  • 11 foot grounded power cord allows for automation of lighting cycles when using timers
  • Achieve your desired lighting effects by combining Super Daylight 10,000k Actinic Blue 03, or 6,500K T5 HO bulbs
  • Includes multiple Blue LED lights on a separate power cord from the T5 lights for independent lighting control and nocturnal effect
  • Quick and easy to install into an existing canopy
  • Fully assembled & ready to operate
  • Dimensions: 35" Long x 5" Wide x 5" Tall
Aruba Sun Fixtures are a special order item. Lead time is approximately 5 business days.

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