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Fiji Sun T5 Fluorescent Fixture (48 Inch - 4-54W)

$ 474.95
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High output T5 fixture that excels at supporting soft corals and many LPS.

  • T5 High Output Fluorescent Lighting gives you the flexibility to keep freshwater, saltwater, reef or planted fish tanks
  • High performance, low profile, cool operating, powder coated black system with enclosed efficient T5 electronic ballast
  • Durable German mirror finish, corrosion resistant, anodized aluminum reflector wraps-around each T5 tube boosting light output 300% versus bulb alone
  • Two separate controls/power cords for 4 bulbs systems.
  • Three independent T5 lighting controls/power cords for 6 bulb systems
  • Includes your choice of Hamilton HO T5 bulbs (6500K, 10000K, or Actinic 03)
  • Splash guard lens and suspension kit
  • Cooling Fan - increases bulb life and T5 PAR values
  • Splash guard acrylic lens
  • Built in steel suspension kit
  • Optional Mounting legs
  • Dimensions: Length: 48.25" Width: 11.5" Height: 4.5"
Fiji Sun Fixtures are a special order item. Lead time is approximately 5 business days.

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