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Lined Chromis (Asia Pacific)

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SKU: F-2845

Found in the Indo Pacific this fish resembles the Vanderbilt Chromis.

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    Chromis are active, coral -safe fish with bright colors. They are typically safe with invertebrates; however, some large species may attack small shrimp. Most species can be kept in schools together with their own kind, and we find a minimum of 6 to be the ideal number. They are known to be normally non-aggressive, although they may chase smaller fish. We recommend an aquarium of at least 30 gallons for chromis which grow to 3 Inches, and at least 50 for larger species and schools of multiple individuals.

    Chromis are typically easy to feed on a variety of frozen or dried meaty and vegetable foods. Chromis are hardy and able to survive a wide array of aquarium conditions. They are related to damselfish and clownfish.

    This lovely fish at first resembles the Vanderbilt chromis; it is a yellowish green over its whole body with blueish dots running along its flank. However unlike the Vanderbilt it lacks the dark edging to the fins.

    It is found in large schools in the Indo-Pacific.

    Grows up to 2.75 inches.

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