Bicolor Hogfish (Asia Pacific)

Bodianus mesothorax
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Two distinct body colors give rise to this Hogfish's name.

Hogfish are related to and share many qualities with wrasses. They are easy to keep and have healthy appetites for invertebrates, especially shrimp, however larger species may attack crustaceans, snails, worms and starfish among others. They do not bother corals or anemones, but may flip over rocks in their search for food. Large species may also bully or eat small fish, but they are typically nonaggressive with other large fish as long as they have a different shape. Similarly shaped fish are seen as a threat and may be targeted.

They will hide within the rockwork to sleep, but when threatened may dive into the sand for protection. They can even swim under the sand to avoid predators. A fine sand bed of at least 2-3 inches will help them feel secure. Rocks should be placed on the aquarium glass and sand poured around them to eliminate the danger of a cave-in when the hogfish dives in.

Hogfish feel most secure when there is plenty of live rock to hide in, as well as open space for swimming. They should be fed two to three times a day plenty of high quality meaty items, frozen Mysis shrimp, krill, chopped seafood, marine algae and Spirulina. They usually learn to take dry foods as well.

Two dramatic colors coat the Bi-Color hogfish- deep rust color on its front half and bright lemon to peach on its rear. Juveniles are rosy pink to burgundy color with electric yellow spots. It sometimes has the beneficial habit of cleaning its fish tank mates. Males and females are identical. It grows up to 8 inches and requires an aquarium of at least 100 gallons.

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Latin Name Bodianus mesothorax
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