Emperor Angel - Juvenille (Asia Pacific)

Pomacanthus imperator
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One of the most popular full sized angels still sporting it's juvenile colors.

The Emperor angel is one of the most recognizable and iconic marine angel fish. As a juvenile it is deep blue with white circles radiating from its posterior, in front of its tail. As it grows it undergoes an amazing transformation; the circles extend into stripes along the body, its tail turns yellow, and a dark mask develops over its eyes. Not all fish transition when at the same size, but it usually begins when they are approximately 3-4 inches. Males and females are visually identical.

The Emperor angel can grow to be approximately 15 inches long and needs a large aquarium as an adult, we recommend at least 220 gallons. It does not appreciate living with other large angelfish and may become aggressive to them, however it is typically non-aggressive with other types of fish.

Angelfish may nip on many types of corals, especially LPS corals, clam mantles, sponges, and sometimes soft corals. They do not typically bother SPS corals or other types of invertebrates. They feel most secure when there is plenty of live rock to hide in, as well as open space for swimming. Diet should include plenty of marine algae and Spirulina, Sponge matter, frozen Mysis shrimp, half shell clams, and other high quality meaty items. It should be fed 2-3 times a day.

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Latin Name Pomacanthus imperator
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