Sexy Shrimp

Thor amboinensis
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The movement of these shrimp give them their namesake.

Shrimp are active, entertaining and easy to keep. They shed their shells as they grow, and afterwards need to hide in the rock until their new shell hardens. Shrimp are highly excitable when food is present, and will do anything to get it. Some species may pester corals by attempting to reach food the coral has eaten. In this situation the shrimp should be provided food first. Large individuals may catch and consume smaller species.

The tiny Sexy shrimp is also known as the Dancing Anemone shrimp and grows to only 3/4 inches. It holds its colorful tail up high an waves it around making an entertaining display. It is quite social with its own kind and is very peaceful with all other animals and corals. It may spend time within the tentacles of corals and anemones. It is easy to feed on fish food.

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Latin Name Thor amboinensis
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