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Mag-Float SM/MD Replacement Scrapers (2 Pack)

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Replacement scrapers for the Magfloat Small/Medium new style magnets.

Replacement Scrapers for the Mag-Float Small and Medium Cleaning Magnets.

Quickly and easily attaches to the new style Mag-Float Small and Medium cleaning magnets.

Allows you to effortlessly remove stubborn coralline algae.

For the best care of your Mag-Float Scrape, rinse with clean fresh water after use in marine aquariums. Replace scraper with a new blade when you notice signs of corrosion


  • Clean outside of aquarium surface thoroughly before each use.
  • Remove all debris from Mag-Float prior to each use.
  • Do not use Mag-Float above the waterline or on a dry surface.
  • Keep the Mag-Float away from the gravel line and glass aquarium sealant.
  • The magnet part of part with logo "Mag-Float" is placed on the outside of the aquarium surface.
  • The Mag-Float can be left attached to the aquarium surface.
  • The Mag-Float can be used in fresh and saltwater aquariums.
  • Keep your Mag-Float away from electronic devices such as computers, pace makers, etc.
  • For use with glass aquariums only!
  • Caution - Strong magnet and sharp blades - watch your fingers!