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Milwaukee Digital Seawater Refractometer

Milwaukee Digital Seawater Refractometer


An excellent digital refractometer that is able to provide results in 3 different scales.

Milwaukee Instruments

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Product Description


    The MA887 is an optical instrument that employs the measurementof the refractive index to determine the salinity ofnatural and artificial seawater, ocean water or brackish intermediates.The digital refractometer eliminates the uncertainty associatedwith mechanical refractometers and is easily portable forship, shore or home use.


    • PSU: The newest type scale standard - Letters stand for Practical Salinity Units and is fast become the universal standard for seawater measurement.
    • PPT: The old standard of Parts Per Thousand of saturated salt. This is the oldest of the 3 seawater measurements scales.
    • SG: The current standard of Specific Gravity hydrometers and refractometers.
    The MA887 refractometer is an optical device that is simpleand quick to use. Samples are measured after a simple usercalibration with distilled or deionized water. Within seconds,the refractive index and temperature aremeasured and converted into one of three popularmeasurement units; Practical SalinityUnits (PSU), Salinity in parts per thousand(ppt), or Specific Gravity (S.G. (20/20)).

    All conversion algorithms are based uponrespected scientific publications using thephysical properties of seawater (not sodiumchloride). The temperature (in C or F) is alsodisplayed on the large dual level display alongwith helpful message codes.

    Features & Specifications:
    • Range: PSU: 0 - 50, PPT: 0 - 150, SG: 1.000 - 1.114, Temperature: 0 - 80C (32 - 176F)
    • Resolution: PSU: 1, PPT: 1, SG: 0.001, Temperature: 0.1C (0.1F)
    • Accuracy: PSU: +/- 2, PPT: +/- 2, SG: +/1 0.002, Temperature: +/-0.3C (0.5F)
    • Automatic temperature compensation
    • Dual-Level LCD
    • Easy set-up and storage
    • Battery operation with low power indicator
    • Automatically turns off after 3 mins of non-use
    • Stainless steel well and prism - Simply place a few drops of the sample in the well and press the read key
    • Battery Type: 1 x 9V AA (included)
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    Additional Information

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    1. love mine Review by babnika

      I had a verry hard time justifying the price before I bought one of these .Now I'll never go back the simplicity & quick ease of use have sold me. I have had it for some time now never let me down great product (Posted on 9/15/2015)

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