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Naokos (Female) Fairy Wrasse (Asia Pacific)

Naokos (Female) Fairy Wrasse (Asia Pacific)

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SKU: F-8734A

Another small fairy wrasse that can be aggressive to other species of wrasse.

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    Wrasses are prone to jumping from the aquarium when startled or excited so we recommend a secure lid. They feel most secure when there is plenty of live rock to hide in, as well as open space for swimming. Most species may be kept in pairs or harems as long as they are added together or females first. They do not appreciate living with other species of wrasse, so any aquarium with several species must be large enough and the most peaceful species added first.

    They should be fed two to three times a day plenty of high quality meaty items, frozen Mysis shrimp, krill, chopped seafood, marine algae and Spirulina.

    Fairy wrasses are easy to keep and have active personalities. They are safe with most invertebrates except small shrimp and crabs. They do not bother corals or anemones. They may bully smaller fish such as flasher wrasses, however most are not big enough to live with large or very aggressive fish, either. Most species can be kept together in systems at least 100 gallons, with the most peaceful species added first.

    At night time fairy wrasses hide in the rockwork and wrap themselves in a mucus cocoon to hide their scent from predators. This cocoon may be visible in the morning, and will soon dissipate into the water, and a new cocoon created each night.

    The Naoko's fairy wrasse is gifted with both incredible coloration and finnage. Super saturated scarlet drapes across its back to its snowy white belly. A broad stripe of electric yellow runs from its gill covers to its tail. Its fins are inky black, with its pelvic fins being especially large and impressive, and its dorsal fin a high sail shape. When displaying the male takes on a shimmering white over his fins. Females are pink with bright stripes along their sides with a small eyespot at the base of the tail, white bellies and rounded pelvic fins. It can be quite aggressive with other fairy wrasses. It grows up to 2.5 inches and needs an aquarium at least 30 gallons.

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