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Neptune Systems WAV Starter Kit

Neptune Systems WAV Starter Kit


Connects your Neptune Systems Apex with Ecotech Marine's wireless hardware.

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Product Description


    The WAV moves water. Plain and simple. More than 4000 gallons per hour of it! Better yet, for the same amount of flow, the WAV is smaller, uses less power, and is quieter than the most popular powerhead pumps on the market.

    WAV Starter Kit Features

    • Extreme flow (~4000+ gph)
    • Compact size (less total mass compared to nearly all similar flow pumps)
    • Directional flow (pivots with 40 degree range of motion and can be rotated
    • Great for rear wall use)
    • Safe, 24V DC operation
    • Low power consumption
    • Starter Kit includes 2 - WAV Pumps, 1 - 1Link Module, 100W 24VDC Power Supply, and 1 - 3' Aquabus Cable
    • Starter Kit requires Apex, or Apex Jr in order to operate.

    1LINK - Easy, one-click installation

    The WAV is the first of a line of aquarium products from Neptune Systems that will use a completely new interface. While many in the aquarium world continue to embrace wireless technologies for interconnectivity, we have decided to go the other direction - a wire.

    Wireless connectivity from your smartphone or tablet to your Apex (or other controller) is completely logical - and we embrace that. However, wireless used for the interconnecting of devices within the confines of common aquariums (that are mostly less than 6' long) is not only unnecessary, but it reduces reliability. Our philosophy is that when distances are measured in a few feet, wireless is a solution looking for a problem. And ironically, wireless really does not save wires. You still need to use a wire to get power to the devices anyway. And let's not forget configuration - wireless devices require syncing, endless button presses and arcane steps to get them to connect up - hopefully with you and not your neighbor. Finally for all this "benefit", you as the consumer get the added cost of this wireless technology that must be baked into the price of every device you buy.

    So after much study of the problem, our answer is 1LINK. It is called 1LINK because there is one power supply, one module (for up to three 1LINK devices), and a one-click-connection of a wire that carries not only the power for the device, but two-way communication from it to your Apex. Setup is simply click and go.

    Directional flow allows stealth mounting options

    Unfortunately, some of the leading water moving pumps on the market only send flow in a direction perpendicular to the glass. This really limits an aquarists options and, in some cases, obstructs the view. Having a powerhead that can be pointed in all directions is nothing new, but the hardware to make that happen usually takes up too much space and is unsightly. The WAV answers both of these problems with a new take on an articulating mount.

    Through research we found that most customers usually never need to point their pump at extreme angles - usually 20 degrees one direction or another is enough. This is the approach we took with the WAV. With its innovative, low-profile magnetic mount, you get up 40 degree range of motion on the pivot and then the entire pump rotates 360 degrees. This provides so many more options than flow that coming straight out from the side or back of the aquarium. Imagine mounting the WAV on the back side glass or even the back wall, set an angle, and kicking the flow off the side or front glass. You get the flow where you need it and you stop blocking the beautiful side views of your aquarium!

    Endless flow options for every aquarist

    We know that everyone likes their flow a little bit different. So Apex Fusion controls the WAV with a multitude of patterned flow and random settings. You can even set one or more pumps to mirror or be the inverse of another. The easy to use Apex Fusion scheduling graph makes it a snap to set up huge waves in the morning, stir up detritus in the afternoon, and slow the flow at night. The flow in your aquarium can be as unique as your favorite coral!

    Detailed, real-time pump status and AI

    This is a first for this product segment. From within Apex Fusion, the details of operation of every WAV on your tank can be observed. You will be able to see the mode, the RPM, the temperature range, and the current status of the pump. Apex Fusion takes this one step further. It monitors your pump parameters, and then based on its AI it takes corrective action such as stopping the pump and sending alerts to you by text or email when the pump is malfunctioning.

Additional Information

    Additional Information

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    1. Happy Review by Mike

      My 1st review

      The WAV system, along with the whole Neptune controller system is absolutely revolutionary!! I have had numerous power heads over the years and either they have been over or underpowered for any given situation. With WAV the programming is easy and infinitely variable making it the perfect power head for any situation! Using an easy web based interface the flow can be varied over time to mimic daily flow variation in a natural reef system. I can also set up a standing wave eliminating the need for a separate wave box.

      The apex system allows me to view my tank status anywhere in the world via a web browser. I get email and text alerts to problems like water over flows, temperature issues ph issues (tank and calcium reactor) etc . The web site also allows me to see trends over longer periods of time and also acts as a web based log for my water quality test results which also gives me a graphic view of parameters over time. So many features in a single system.

      The only obvious problem is the price which is a bit tough to swallow but if you are on the fence go for it. Once you get comfortable with Neptune you will be adding expansion modules based on your satisfaction with the last added module . (Posted on 3/21/2016)

    2. wav starter Review by Krista

      Easy to install. Water movement is amazing, adjust the percentage of flow to prevent damage. We like the flow pattern options. So far we are very happy with it. (Posted on 11/25/2015)

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