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Orca Labs Nitra-Guard Bio Cubes (500ml)

Orca Labs Nitra-Guard Bio Cubes (500ml)

SKU: OL-NG0500

A tried and tested way to way to remove nitrates from your aquarium quickly and effectively.

Orca Labs

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Product Description


    BIO-Cubes are made from 100% biologically degradable polymers that effectively remove both nitrates and phosphates from both marine and freshwater systems. BIO-Cubes have a very high surface area and contains 400% more carbohydrates than any other brand, making it the best product of it's kind in the world. Independent testing in real world scenarios, have proven BIO-Cubes to far outperform all other competing products. No other product of it's kind can compare with the explosive performance that BIO-Cubes can offer. BIO-Cubes are very versatile and can be used in filter bags and fluidized reactors. BIO-Cubes require no maintenance and require no feeding dosages making it the easiest and most convenient nitrate and phosphate removing product on the market. Nitra-Guard BIO-Cubes comes with a free filter bag with every jar.

    Bacteria consume the high carbohydrate source found in the BIO-Cubes and form a biomass that absorbs nitrates and phosphates from the water in the aquarium. This biomass is then skimmed out with a protein skimmer or is consumed as a food source by corals and clams.

    When culturing bacteria, two of the most important factors that will determine the size of the colony are surface area and food source. BIO-Cubes look like small open celled sponges giving the product a massive surface area. BIO-Cubes also has 400% more biologically available, insoluble polymer carbohydrates than any other product in the world. These 2 factors create conditions that are perfect for culturing and sustaining large bacteria colonies required to effectively remove phosphate and nitrate from aquariums. It is these 2 factors that have made Nitra-Guard BIO-Cubes the world's best carbohydrate based nitrate removing media. Independent tests that were performed in real world scenarios revealed that BIO-Cubes had the ability to reduce nitrate levels from 60ppm to below 5ppm in 2 weeks while competing products claim to only start working after 2 weeks!


    • The world's fastest and most effective carbohydrate based nitrate remover
    • More economical and effective than any other product of it's kind in the world... nothing can compare!
    • Reduces 50ppm Nitrate to 0ppm within 3 weeks in Freshwater and Seawater systems
    • Easy and convenient to use, no daily feedings or dosings, just add as directed and enjoy 4-12 months Nitrate free water!
    • 100% natural, biological Nitrate removal
    • No effect on pH or alkalinity
    • MASSIVELY reduces water changes
    • 500ml jar treats approximately 40-120 gallons
    • If your phosphate levels are very low (less than 2% of total nitrate) use Nitra-Guard BIO-Cubes TITANIUM.


    The amount required will depend on stocking densities and amount of food added to the aquarium. For heavily stocked tanks, use 3ml to every liter of aquarium water and for aquariums with lighter stock loads, add 1ml to every liter of aquarium water. For best results, use Nitra-Guard BIO-Cubes in a denitrator reactor and commission the denitrator as specified by the manufacturer. If the BIO-Cubes are to be used in a filter bag or reactor, place them near the protein skimmer to assist in removing the nitrate and phosphate rich biomass faster. After 1 to 2 weeks, the bacteria colonies will become prolific enough to start lowering nitrate levels in your aquarium. If nitrate and phosphate levels in your aquarium are high, some cloudiness may occur which clears in a few days. Soak BIO-Cubes in freshwater for 24hrs before use.

    Check out the documents tab for more information.
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    Additional Information

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    1. Update Dec. 30 2018 Review by Zentof

      I thought it was worth an update on my original review of this product, to see if it was just a 'temporary fix'. I'm happy to report, NOT AT ALL! This product has kept my Nitrates down to 0.05 with nothing but a handful of cheato in the sump and a skimmer going...bye bye Phosban, Rowaphos and Ferric Oxide. I added a single cube of the Phos-guard once this product brought the nitrates down and my PO4 is also holding strong at .05 even with heavier feedings (I want to try and increase this to about .06-.09 to see if my corals color up further). Why would you use anything else? The only drawback remains having to run a noisy airstone in my sump in an otherwise whisper quiet system. Additionally, I have yet to use up even half the initial bag. (Posted on 12/30/2018)

    2. Game Changer Review by Zentof

      When I read this products claims, I hoped that they would be even 50% true and I would be satisfied. Well to my surprise, they were VERY accurate...the stuff's a game changer. Its as simplistic as this if you've ever fought nitrates: Buy an airstone and pump...place the cubes in the bag provided..stick it in sump. DONE. I went from 50 Nitrate down to ~0.05 currently....in under 3 weeks with no losses. I'll try their Phosguard next to finish the process as recommended, but my phospates went down as well already. PLUS the stuff last like 3 months or more. I think people are getting this confused with old school bioballs or it would fly off shelves. ***WARNING:** There is an omission error in the instructions at the time of this review. Do NOT place the product in a bucket half way though WITHOUT an airstone or it will go putrid in a day. J and L and Orca remedied this for me being the pro's we've always known them as. (Posted on 10/11/2018)

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