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Polleni Grouper (Asia Pacific)

Polleni Grouper (Asia Pacific)

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An uncommon import - The Polleni grouper grows to approx. 14 inches.

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    Groupers are large fish that make incredible display animals in the right aquarium. They get along well with other large-bodied fishes as long as they don't enter its cave, but will greedily swallow whole any small or slender fish as well as shrimp and crabs. They do not harm corals, but may knock over small decor with their strong tails. They are best kept singly in all but the largest of aquaria, and then they should be of different species and added at the same time. Each grouper will require at least one large cave to call its own. It may spend most of its time there, especially when newly introduced. In time they may become real pets and recognize their owner.

    Groupers are slow moving ambush predators that feed by sucking in their food whole into their enormous mouths. They are carnivores and should be fed at least once every two or three days a high quality diet of krill, silversides and chopped seafood. They are heavy feeders and thus strong filtration is necessary.

    The Polleni grouper is a strikingly beautiful animal. Lovely lavender squiggles run along its body over a backdrop of bright peach. Each of its fins is a bright daffodil yellow. It is also known as the Harlequin cod and is quite uncommon. Males and females are visually identical. It grows to 14 inches; we recommend an aquarium of at least 180 gallons.

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