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Slip Bulkhead Fitting Kit (3/4 Inch)

$ 11.05
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Bulkhead fitting kit that accepts slip fittings on both the wet and dry side.

  • Custom installations are easier and safer with all the parts included in these convenient kits.
  • Heavy wall bulkhead is molded of highest impact resistant PVC eliminating the possibility of finding hidden cracks when filling aquarium.
  • Versatile spigot screen will just press into place.
  • The exclusive Fit x Insert 90o elbow dramatically reduces wall clearance requirements.
  • Use together with spigot suction screen inside tank to adjust water level.
  • Use elbow alone as return directional jet on inside of tank.
  • All bulkhead kits contain: bulkhead fitting, gasket, lock nut, 90o Fit x Insert elbow, strainer, and installation instructions.
Our 3/4" Bulkheads require a 1-1/2" Hole.

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