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Radial Filefish (Tank Raised)

Radial Filefish (Tank Raised)

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SKU: F-3570

One of the first tank raised filefish available to us!

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    Filefish are closely related to triggerfish and have a similar first dorsal fin which is typically kept flat against their back but can be cocked into an upright position and cannot be forced down. When threatened they swim into the smallest cave they can fit in and lock their fin up which makes them impossible to be dislodged by predators. This fin may also become tangled in nets. Filefish get their name from their rough sandpapery skin and flattened bodies.

    Filefish are typically friendly with other fish except other filefish. They may nip on many types of invertebrates, corals and clam mantles but will not bother large stinging anemones. They feel most secure when there is plenty of live rock to hide in, as well as open space for swimming. It should be fed at least three times a day plenty of marine algae and Spirulina, frozen Mysis shrimp, chopped krill and other high quality meaty items. They may be difficult to feed initially and do not typically take to dry foods. If food is stuffed into crevices within coral and rock they may be tempted to pick it out.

    A caramel colored body decorated with contrasting white stripes like a zebra make the Radial filefish a stunning beauty. Its large tail and cute snubby snout make it absolutely adorable. It is able to freely lighten and darken its coloration at will, helping it to blend in with Xenia corals. In the aquarium it may shelter within the branches of nearly any coral, sea grass or rockwork. Males and females are identical. It is one of the easiest to keep and most reef safe of all the filefish. Along the male's tail are small prickly spines like Velcro, which may become easily tangled in a net. We recommend a container always be used to transport this fish. Groups may be kept together, and it can also withstand high flow environments. In the wild it lives near Australia and Japan; however our specimens are all tank bred, easy to feed on frozen and even pellet foods. It grows up to 3 inches and requires an aquarium of at least 30 gallons.

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