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Reef Crest 0.8 Rox Carbon (1200 Gram)

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The pinnacle of carbon for virtually any application. Rox 0.8 at an affordable price!

Reef Crest Rox 0.8 Activated Carbon is the highest grade acid washed extruded carbon available on the market today.

1200 Grams of Rox Carbon measures approximately 1 Gallon


  • Steam activated produced to the highest quality Food-Grade required by the FDA.
  • Unmatched adsorption properties.
  • High mechanical strength and low dust content.
  • ROX Carbon offers superior pore size and structure, which makes it capable of adsorbing a wide range of molecule and particle sizes.
  • These superior adsorption qualities facilitate the capture and retention of: medication, organics, chemicals, color contaminants, odors, and water column impurities.
  • Electrostatic attraction and chemical bonding is utilized to accumulate and trap contaminants to pore walls and/or outer pellet surfaces.
  • Small pellet size and high porosity provides more surface area increasing adsorption rates to that required by the medical industry.
  • PH neutral 10.
  • For use in Saltwater, Freshwater, and Ponds.

Product Specifications:
  • Iodine Number: 1000min.
  • Ball-Pan Hardness: 97min.
  • Particle Size
  • Iron (ACID EXTR.), MASS-%: 0.02max.
  • Moisture (AS PACKED), MASS-%: 5max.
  • PH: Neutral
  • Food Chemicals Codex: Pass

Typical Properties
  • Methylene Blue Adsorption, g/100g:  24
  • Surface Area (BET), m2/g:    1225
  • Apparent Density, Vibration Feed:  0.40 g/ml
  • Density, Backwashed and Drained:  0.35 g/ml
  • Ash Mass %:        ~3
  • Calcium (ACID EXTR.), MASS-%    0.01
  • Chloride (ACID EXTR.), MASS-%    0.1


Use a maximum of 150ml of media per 400 liters (100 gallons) of net system water volume. Rinse in water before each use. Although this product has a much higher adsorption capacity of most other carbons, it is recommended that it should be replaced regularly to maintain the same water parameters at all times. Carbon media can be used in fluidized filters, filter-bags, or any other media filters. However, proper flow is paramount to ensure efficient operation of the method utilized. When placed in a filter bag and/or other passive flow through application, daily kneading is recommended to avoid channeling of the media inside the bag.

Rox 0.8 is extremely powerful in exhausting chemicals, organics, and/or waste from your system. Introduction to any system must be gradual to avoid rapid changes of chemistry which can result in stress to the inhabitants. If higher dosages are desired, increase in small increments over a period of time. Optimal water parameters should always be monitored for best results.

Volume = 1 Gallon - 1200grams