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Reef Crest Fossil Reactor Media - 3KG

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Bits of real coral ensure you are adding back what's required by your fast growing corals.

What can be better than using old coral skeletons, in order to provide a growing coral with what it needs to make a new skeleton? Collected from pristine coastal environments in a way that does not negatively impact local reefs; Fossil allows you do to just that.

Time has shown that coarse reactor media is the type to use. Coarse media avoids the sedimentation ("mudding effect") that occurs when fine reactor media breaks down. The larger size also allows for greater water flow and this helps get the CO2 laden water to all corners of the reactor - less channelling occurs. Coral born aragonite material replaces calcium, alkalinity, strontium & trace minerals when dissolved in a calcium reactor.

Calcium reactor media can be polluted with high nutrient levels (especially phosphate & silicate) that encourage unwanted algae growth. Fossil media has the lowest phosphate & silicate contents you can find in a calcium reactor media.

Note: Rinse with RO water before using!