Aqua FX

Aqua FX Float Valve and Shut-Off Kit

$ 48.75
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Adds hydraulic auto shut-off capability to reverse osmosis & RO/DI filters.

The float valve kit includes a float valve assembly, a shut-off unit and the necessary fittings.

The float valve allows you to keep a reservoir or a fresh water aquarium topped off automatically. The shut-off kit will shut off the feed water once the reservoir or aquarium is full.

This High Pressure ASO is designed to shut off at 60% of line pressure and has built-in ports for Quick Connect 1/4" polyethylene tubing connections. This unit is tested and certified by the WQA Gold Seal program against NSF/ANSI 58 standards. Eliminate ASO chatter Will shut down RO unit in fraction of time vs. traditional ASO'

Please note this kit is not recommend for saltwater aquarium top-off.