Coralife 24W 10000K Compact Fluorescent Bulb - 13 Inch

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Replacement straight pin fluorescent lamp by Coralife.

The Coralife 10000K power compact bulb is ideal for freshwater, planted, saltwater, and reef aquariums.

Simulates the midday tropical sun casting a sparkling blue-white daylight spectrum.

Fish, coral, macroalgae and plants thrive in it's bright high-intensity glow.

High-intensity output with rugged construction for dependable long life.

Replacement bulb for the Oceanic BioCube 14 Gallon, the JBJ 12 Gallon Nano-Cube, and the CPR Aquafuge light fixtures.

Power Compact shipping is based on DIM (Dimensional Weight). You can ship up to 6 bulbs for the price of one!

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