Marineland Accent LED Lighting System (Red)

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Submersible & positionable decorative LED strip.

All of the functionality of new Marineland Hidden LED fixture offered in 460nm blue or 660nm red accent lighting.

Perfect for adding additional light to show off your aquatic plants, corals or amazing fish. Now you can accent the inside of your aquarium without adding clutter to the outside.


  • 640nm Red: Provides light in the correct spectral range to augment existing lighting in the aquarium.
  • In-line 3-Way Switch: Control over the light while keeping the consumer’s hand dry. Also allows for a night light feature.
  • Energy-Efficient 0.06watt LEDs: Energy and cost savings.
  • Fully Sealed: Unlimited opportunities for customized lighting options.
  • Unique in Frame Mounting Options: Provides powerful light without adding distracting fixtures on top of the aquarium.
  • Integrated Cord Routing: Completes the illusion of the hidden fixture.
  • Directional Adjustment Dial: Allows you to direct the light where you need it.
  • 17,000 Lifetime Hours: Bulbs never need replacement.
  • Low Voltage, Single Power Source: Reduced cord clutter.
  • Flexible Mounting System: Adjustable to fit your aquarium.
  • One-year Performance Warranty: Quality assurance.
  • Length: 17"
  • 72 - 0.06W Red LEDs
  • 25 LUX at 12" Depth

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