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T5 Workhorse 7 Ballast (4-54W or 2-80W)

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Standard format T5 ballast that is compatible with most T5 fixtures on the market.

The Fuham Workhorse 7 ballast is designed to be run inside of a fixture, or as a retrofit option for those DIY type aquarists.


  • Versatile
  • Energy Saving
  • High Power Factor
  • Lightweight
  • Small Case Size
  • Solid-State Electronics


  • Max Current Draw at 120V: 1.85 Amps
  • Max Power: 220W
  • Able to operate 4 - 54W T5 Bulbs, or 2 - 80W T5 Bulbs, or any combination of those bulbs up to 220 Watts.

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