Company Info

J&L Aquatics was formed in December 1997. Our business was started from our love of the aquarium hobby.

Aquarium Supplies and Equipment in Burnaby, BC, CanadaWe at J&L Aquatics felt that the Canadian aquarist should have the option to purchase top quality supplies, equipment and livestock other than the generally over priced local retail stores. With this philosophy in mind we have successfully operated and grown our business for the past five years.

On March 1st, 2001 we opened our first retail store front. This allowed us to expand our livestock selection to include fish and give our local customers somewhere to come for high quality livestock and sound advice.

Aquariuim Saltwater fish in CanadaIn December of 2003 we moved to our larger, current location. We operate out of a 3,800 sq. ft retail space containing approximately 4,500 gallons of saltwater aquariums. In addition a warehouse to store excess stock of 2,000 sq. ft is always kept full We always welcome out of town visitors (and we've seen a bunch of you)!

At J&L Aquatics you will find a “no-frills” approach to aquarium keeping. By limiting expensive promotions, commissioned sales staff and "fluffy" marketing we are able to keep our prices very competitive and our advice honest.

You won't be pressured into buying some over priced piece of equipment that you don't need. If we feel you don't need something, or your current set-up won't permit you to keep a certain animal alive & healthy we'll tell you!

Aquarium Corals and Fish in CanadaIf you want the best set-up available that gives you the most bang for your buck for an enjoyable aquarium experience that's us!

We have definitely changed the face of aquarium e-stores and retail outlets in Canada. Although we try our best to have the lowest prices in Canada because of the number of products carried and the ever competitive nature of the industry we cannot always list the lowest price.

If you find a lower price somewhere else on any identical dry good we will gladly match that price! J&L Aquatics is an owner hands-on operated business that other stores & businesses try to copy. Remember who the innovators are!

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