CO2 Cylinder/CO2 Regulator/Valve & Solenoid Package - 10lb

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Complete CO2 system with electronic shut off capability - fresh or saltwater aquariums.

10 Pound CO2 Cylinder/CO2 Regulator & Needle Valve Package

Save when you purchase two or more accessories at the same time!

Aluminum CO2 Cylinder - 10 Pound

Aluminum CO2 Cylinder Specificaitons (10lb)

  • All aluminum CO2 cylinder.
  • CGA320 valve connection.

Dimensions of the 10lb Aluminum CO2 Cylinder

  • 20" high
  • 7" diameter

Please note: CO2 cylinders are shipped empty.

Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator

High quality regulator the will work with any CO2 system.

Ideal for calcium reactors and CO2 systems for planted tanks.

CGA320 connection.

Needle Valve for CO2 Regulators

This is definitely not one of those cheap needle valves that will not allow you to have the precision needed for adjusting your CO2!

A high precision, stainless steel needle value suitable for virtually any application where precise control of CO2 introduction into your ecosystem is required.

Our Needle valves have a 1/8" MPT connection so an adapter fitting may be required to fit your application.

Solenoid Valve for CO2 Regulator

A valuable accessory for any calcium reactor.

Attaches inline on the reactor CO2 assembly and plugs into wall. When the power goes off the solenoid shuts down not allowing CO2 to flood your reactor.

This prevents a major pH swing (due to the very low pH in the reactor with so much CO2 present) from happening when power is restored.

Ideal for use with pH Controllers on freshwater planted systems, and marine systems using calcium reactors, etc.

Each solenoid is supplied with a 1.5m cord.