ATI Purple Plus T5 Bulb (24 Watt)

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Top quality T5 replacement lamp for marine aquariums.

ATI Purple Plus T5 Bulb (24 Watt)

Since their introduction in 2000, ATI T5 bulbs have been at the forefront of T5 bulb technology. Today's ATI T5 bulbs are no exception.

Continuing the tradition of excellence, ATI uses the latest advances in phosphors (to emit light) and manufacturing techniques to produce bulbs with higher output, better coloration, and more stability. ATI bulbs are also very affordable, making them the preferred choice of experienced hobbyists around the world.

Features of the ATI Purple Plus T5 Aquarium Light Bulb

The ATI Purple Plus T5 Bulb combines the properties of a full-spectrum bulb with strong red and blue components, producing a bulb with excellent color rendition that works very well to bring out pinks, purples and reds in an aquarium.

Recommended in combination with at least two or more other T5 bulbs, like the Blue Plus and Aquablue Special. Not recommended as a stand-alone bulb. (Similar to KZ Fiji Purple)