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Cholla Wood Branch - 6 Inch 3 Pack

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An assortment of Cholla Wood in small sizes to finish off aquascaping your freshwater shrimp tank display.

Cholla Wood - 6 Inch x 3 pack

What is Galapagos Pet Cholla Wood?

Galapagos Cholla Wood is actually a fallen, desert cactus skeleton!

It's porous and fibrous texture attracts shrimps and other aquatic micro fauna. They are also naturally good anchors for growing aquatic plants and look very intriguing underwater.

The Cholla Wood has natural tannins that lower aquatic pH gradually and naturally! Cholla Wood is also a classic wood decoration for desert terrariums home to desert snakes, geckos, chameleons, bearded dragons, and uromastyx! They even make natural perches for all birds.

Cholla Wood Branches come in a variety of sizes to fit all tanks.

For Aquariums we recommend presoaking natural woods in a separate tub of water and changing the water daily. This can be done for up to two weeks and will help remove excess tannins, a non-toxic organic substance, that can dye your tank water a tea color. Use a clean brush to remove any extra debris and consider boiling the wood for one hour to sterilize before adding to your aquarium.

Cholla Wood 3 x 6 Inch Features

  • Cholla Wood is dead, desert cactus wood that buffers aquarium waters
  • Ideal for desert terrariums or aquariums
  • Anchor aquatic plants, and create a focal point for your tank
  • Great for arid snakes, geckos, bearded dragons, invertebrates and similar species
  • Cholla wood is great for attracting shrimp, lowering aquatic pH, and rooting aquatic plants

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