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Hamilton Electronic Ballast (250 Watt)

UPC/EAN: 347462850027
$ 297.10
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Reduces electrical consumption while still firing up all colors and formats of MH bulb.

Hamilton Lighting Metal Halide 250 Watt Assembled Electronic Ballast.


  • Assembled 250 watt electronic ballast in an aluminum enclosure
  • Dimmable - 125W/190W/250W/275W
  • Energy efficient, runs cooler than a standard Magnetic ballast and has a low noise level
  • Includes: 3 prong quick disconnect and 7 foot grounded power cord
  • Can be use to run any 250 watt Mogul or Double Ended Metal Halide bulbs
  • Can be used as a replacement ballast for any Hamilton Metal Halide system
  • Lamp cord sold separately
  • UL Listed
  • Dimensions: L10" x W4.5" x H3.25"

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