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Danner Mag-Drive 1200 Supreme Water Pump

UPC/EAN: 025033027121
$ 172.40
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Durable utility pump that can be used in both submersible and external applications.

With only one moving part, and constructed out of non-corrosive ABS plastic, Mag Pumps are ideal for salt, or freshwater use.

Fully submersible, or inline operation.

A non oil filled motor make these pumps completely invertebrate & fish safe.

All Mag Pumps are CuL Approved, and come with a one year warranty.

Input: 3/4"
Output: 3/4"
Flow Rate at 0' Head: 1200 GPH
Flow Rate at 4' Head: 1100 GPH
Flow Rate at 6' Head: 950 GPH

Flowchart for the Danner Mag-Drive 1200 Supreme Water Pump