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Boyd Chemi-Clean - 6 Gram

Boyd Chemi-Clean - 6 Gram


The original and still the best reef-safe Cyano removal product.

Boyd Enterprises

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Product Description


    Cynobacteria is usually encouraged with the presence of nitrate and ammonia, which are both fixed forms of nitrogen. Chemi-clean helps clean and remove this problem algae through its on unique process.

    Most other red slime removers use purely antibiotics, namely erythromycin to take care of the algae. The use of such substances with in your aquarium can have disastrous effects upon your nitrifying bacteria and cause your tank to crash, killing the inhabitants of your aquarium.

    The use of chemi-clean not only as a problem solver, when red slime is present, but as a regular maintenance procedure will help keep your water crystal clear and your tank free of unwanted cynobacteria.

    Chemi-Clean is safe for all reef tanks, invertebrates, desirable macro-algae, and nitrifying bacteria.

    - Removes red slime, blue-green, and bubble producing algae.
    - Eliminates dangerous trapped organic sludge
    - Clarifies aquarium water
    - Promotes ideal enzyme balance
    - Contains no phosphates, algaecides, or erythromycin succinate.

    Treats 900 Gallons.

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    Additional Information

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    1. Wow! This really works! Review by Chris

      I recently used Boyd's Chemiclean to treat a bad cyano breakout in my 150g aquarium. Wow, does this stuff ever work well! After about 60 hours the breakout was completely contained and virtually eliminated a few days later. It also seemed to wipe out some green hair algae for me too. I have heard that this isn't a permanent solution to cyano breakouts so use Boyd's Chemiclean to quickly clean your tank but also address the underlying causes.
      (Posted on 11/29/2015)

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