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Instant Ocean Sea Salt - 160 Gallon Mix

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General purpose synthetic sea salt mix - just add to water.

Instant Ocean Sea Salt - 160 Gallon Mix

Since 1964, Instant Ocean is the most carefully formulated and manufactured sea salt in the world. An extensive biological and scientific program, particularly with the scientific community and in our hatchery - where we have reproduced millions of tropical sea fish - has enabled us to elaborate and refine a formula that fulfills the needs of captive marine organisms.

Each ingredient used in the composition of Instant Ocean is carefully selected and tested. Each batch is analyzed in order to guarantee that all important elements have been perfectly mixed.

Each batch is also continuously monitored in laboratory aquatic systems containing delicate marine animals and plants, because live organisms are always the most sensitive indicators of quality.

Instant Ocean Salt Features

  • Exceptional solubility
    • Provides a clear solution in minutes.
    • Allows for immediate use.
    • Reaches and maintains proper pH quickly.
  • Complete formula
    • Provides the ideal environment for the care of all marine organisms in the aquarium, including even the most sensitive species.
    • Contains every necessary major, minor, and trace elements.
  • Uniform particle size
    • Guarantees consistency throughout.
  • Mono-composant
    • Makes it easy to use.
    • Every batch is analyzed to ensure the presence of important elements.
    • Raw material from the mine of the prehistoric German sea in Lorraine (France).
    • No pollution.
    • Green friendly extraction method.

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