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Ocean Nutrition Green Marine Algae Sheets - 30 Gram

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High quality marine seaweed your fish will think is just like momma used to make.

Because they are natural marine algae and not terrestrial like lettuce or spinach, SEAWEED SELECTS are 100% digestible. Their nutrition is not bound up in cellulose as they are in the cells of land plants. This means that chlorophyll, pigments, and natural proteins, amino acids, vitamins, etc. will be utilized completely by the fish and will produce superior results in terms of growth, coloration, resistance to lateral line disease, and so on.

In addition, by attaching SEAWEED SELECTS to an aquarium rock or lettuce clip, you are providing a natural feeding mechanism for fish that like to gaze all day as a natural feeding behavior. Thus, you can provide superior nutrition to your fish even while you are away from your aquarium for hours on end.

Optimal food source for all species of Marine Tangs, Angels, Wrasses, Damsels and some Butterfly Fish.