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Boyd Chemi-Pure Elite - 47 oz

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Synthetic media effectively removes aquarium pollutants and algae causing phosphate.

Chemi-Pure is the original Ion Filter Medium constantly improved over the years. There are counterfeits, but only one Chemi-Pure. Do not confuse Chemi-Pure with any other medium on the market.

Chemi-Pure Elite is a superior product for Freshwater, Reef, and Marine Aquariums. Now with ferric oxide that will remove phosphates and help remove red slime.

Promotes aerobic bacterial growth and nitrification - removes dissolved organics.

Benefits of Chemi-Pure Elite:

  • Ravenous Appetite
  • Increased Life Span
  • Eliminates fish loss due to unbalanced or polluted water, acidity, and pH changes
  • Necessary organisms allowed growth with no danger of pollution
  • No osmotic shock
  • Helps remove red slime (Cyano Bacteria)
  • Always sparkling crystal clear blue-white water
  • Removes copper metal, ions, odors, all pollution, gasses, CO2, and color
  • No cleaning necessary for health of fish
  • Removes Phosphates

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