ZEOVit Media - 1000ml

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An absolutely natural Zeolite mix of highest quality.

ZEOvit is a balanced mix of different zeolites. It is an absolutely natural Zeolite mix of highest quality.

If used together with ZEObak and ZEOfood you can eliminate Nitrates and Phosphates from your tank, and with some patience you will get very natural coral reef water. After some time. your corals will then maintain their natural color and growth.

Run the ZEOvit in a special ZEOvit filter. Please note:

  • The ZEOvit always has to be clean. To clean the material, push and pull the rod of the filter daily, which can be done easily within a minute.
  • If possible, the flow direction of water is from the bottom to the top, so that the material is always in the water.
  • The flow rate in the filter through the ZEOvit is a maximum of 100GPH per litre of ZEOvit.
  • Use approximately 1 Litre of ZEOvit for every 100 gallons of tank water.
  • Exchange the ZEOvit media every 6-8 weeks.

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