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ZEOVit Coral Snow - 500ml

ZEOVit Coral Snow - 500ml

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An additive that helps clear water and solve problems in saltwater and reef aquariums.

Korallen-Zucht (Zeovit)

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Product Description


    • For small and large polyp stony corals, soft corals and clams as well as problem solving/solution in a salt water tanks.
    • Coral Snow is a liquid secondary biological facilitator for elements like B-Balance or Potassium-Iodide/Fluoride Concentrate. It is Compatible with all elements, as well as Amino Acid Concentrate and Pohl's Coral Vitalizer.
    • Coral Snow contains among others ingredients a natural Calcium-Magnesium Carbonate mix. With a size 2.5 microns Coral Snow is the optimal size for absorption by SPS corals.
    • Dose Coral Snow daily with the other required elements. The dosage can be put into a glass together with other Zeo products, mixed and after about 5 minutes slowly added to your aquarium into a high flow area.
    • You can dose 1 to a maximum of 4 ml Coral Snow per 25gallons tank water daily.
    • Coral Snow neutralizes undesirable acids and is a solution against slime algae and cyano bacteria.
    • Any cloudiness in the water is harmless for all fish and sensitive corals.
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