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New Life Spectrum Algae Max Wafers - 150 Gram

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High quality food that has been designed to optimize color and boost the immunity of your fish.

New Life Spectrum Algae Max Wafer Food

150 Gram

AlgaeMAX is a no-compromise formula with a basket of nine aquatic veggies for a rounded herbivore nutrition profile, along with marine proteins that even herbivorous fish need to mimic the zooplankton and invertebrate enriched diet they receive in the wild. Though tuned for herbivores, AlgaeMAX fills the needs of omnivores too, courtesty of it's base Spectrum Nutrition Formula.

Features of NLS Algae Max Wafer Fish Food

  • Includes large quantities of a wide variety of algae and seaweeds that mimics the natural herbivore diet.
  • A water stable formula that slowly dissolves in the water.
  • Excellent food for fry and grazing fish.
  • Provides a constant food supply without polluting the aquarium water.
  • Ideal non-polluting fish food for nocturnal freshwater fish.
  • For both marine fish and freshwater tropical fish.

NLS Algae Max Wafer Food Main Ingredients:

Algae: Chlorella, Ulva Seaweed, Red Seaweed, Kelp, Spirulina, Wakae Seaweed, Whole Antarctic Krill, and Whole Fish.

Algae Max Wafer Fish Food Guaranteed Analysis:

Protein (min): 32%, Fat (min): 5%, Fibre (max): 10%, Ash (max): 9%, Moisture (max): 10%.