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Reef Crest Aqua Weld Pro (600 Gram)

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Same quality product as the original Aqua Weld with a purple coloration added to it.

Reef Crest Aqua WELD PRO is a unique thermoplastic polymer made up of small plastic beads which melt at around 60 degrees Celsius.

Aqua WELD PRO contains specially treated purple beads that when mixed with the clear ones more closely simulates coralline algae and thus blends into your established aquarium better.

By heating these beads in hot water the aquarist can easily melt the pellets to form a transparent flexible material. Once melted the opaque white pellets fuse together, become transparent and soften. You can then fuse rockscapes, repair plastic parts, or virtually anything else you want together for a lasting and very strong bond.


  • Re-usable as many times as required
  • Purple color blends into established aquariums.
  • Great for aquascaping and general DIY work.
  • 100% non-toxic
  • Very strong once hard
  • Easy to mold by hand - no sticky residue
  • Cures in minutes underwater
  • Safe for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.


Determine how much Aqua WELD you will require to perform the task (when using Aqua WELD, keep in mind that it is similar to using two-part epoxy, but without the mess, and tank clouding).

Heat some water in a microwave to approx. 60 C (approx. 1-2min in a 1200W microwave), or to just below boiling, and pour in the pellets. Allow the pellets to become transparent (usually takes 10-15 seconds)

Remove from the water with a utensil (a fork works best) and mold the Aqua WELD around the pieces you want to fuse together. As the mixture cools it will harden in place, but you can reheat it in order to reshape.

250ml Container contains 150 Grams (net weight) of Aqua WELD.